Google Unveils Arm-Based Data Center Processor and New AI Chip

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In a significant move for the tech and cloud computing industries, Google (GOOGL.O) has introduced its latest innovations: a new version of its data center artificial intelligence (AI) chips and an Arm-based central processor named Axion. Revealed on Tuesday, these advancements mark Google’s ongoing commitment to enhancing cloud computing capabilities and AI processing efficiency.

At the core of this announcement is the introduction of the Axion processor, designed to operate within Google Cloud. This Arm-based CPU is poised to set new benchmarks in performance, outclassing traditional x86 chips and other general-purpose Arm processors available in the cloud. Google’s foray into Arm-based CPUs underscores a strategic move to provide more versatile and powerful computing options to its users. Mark Lohmeyer, Google Cloud’s vice president and general manager of compute and machine learning infrastructure, emphasized the seamless integration for customers, stating, “We’re making it easy for customers to bring their existing workloads to Arm. Axion is built on open foundations but customers using Arm anywhere can easily adopt Axion without re-architecting or re-writing their apps.”

This launch also includes the unveiling of the new TPU v5p chip, a testament to Google’s leadership in developing specialized hardware for AI applications. Unlike its predecessors, the TPU v5p can be clustered in pods of 8,960 chips, delivering double the raw performance. This leap in capability is supported by advanced liquid cooling technology, ensuring optimal performance across the board.

The significance of Google’s announcement extends beyond the technical specifications of Axion and the TPU v5p. With tech giants like and Microsoft also venturing into Arm-based CPUs, Google’s latest developments represent a critical step in staying competitive in the cloud computing arena. Furthermore, by offering superior performance metrics—30% better than general-purpose Arm chips and 50% over current x86 chips from Intel and AMD—Google sets a new standard in the industry.

As Axion begins its integration into various Google services, including YouTube Ads in Google Cloud, the tech community eagerly anticipates its public availability slated for later this year. Similarly, the TPU v5p’s availability marks a significant milestone, offering developers and enterprises unparalleled AI processing capabilities exclusively through Google’s Cloud Platform.

Google’s unveiling of the Axion CPU and TPU v5p chip heralds a new era in cloud computing and AI technology. These advancements not only showcase Google’s commitment to innovation but also promise to redefine the benchmarks for performance and efficiency in the tech industry. As these technologies become more integrated into Google’s services and available to the wider public, the potential for transformative computing solutions seems boundless.

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